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Crock Pot Pizza - Low Carb - Keto Style

Ok, ok, let's make ONE thing clear ... I am NOT a low carb girl by any means. I AM aware of my grain and dairy intake and well, traditional pizza just totally blows that right out the door.

I'm also really into the crock pot cooking stuff, which is WHY you get another version of a pizza, MY way ;-)

Yup, I LOVE pizza ... the sauce, the gooey cheese, the pepperoni, the seasonings ... they all just sing to me!  I just don't particularly care to ingest the dough (don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE CRUST!!!) as I always seem to have major digestive issue after eating pizza and I already know that flour stuff doesn't help my hands at all ... so I'm always looking for another way to get those yummy flavors and make my tummy somewhat happier as well!

Look at that 'crust'!
This recipe came through Pinterest, of course, and a site called Recipes That Crock ... I spent a lot of time browsing once I got there so make sure you have a few minutes of spare time when you li…

Grocery Shop Review

You probably don't know this but I've not been inside a grocery store since Hubby came home ... crazy, right? He's been a few times but me? Nope!

I made up for it though on Saturday. Hubby was running to Target so I went to Publix (in the same shopping plaza) since we were trying to save time ... sadly, he should have come along as I spent more than I wanted.

July 15 - Publix
Total Spent - $153.04

Blackberry / Cucumber LaCroix $4.39
Cherry / Lime LaCroix $4.39
2 cartons of Vita Coconut Water $3.34 each
3 containers (single serve) yogurt $1.00 each
Small bottle horseradish $1.95
4 bags of Caesar Salad mix b1g1f $4.09 x 2
1 pound container mushrooms $2.99
Zucchini $3.03
2 pkgs of sausage crumbles $3.00 each
Large container spring mix salad $5.99
3 bottles cold press coconut water $3.99 each
4 Digornos pizzas $5 each
2 bottles of Almond Milk/Cold Brew coffee $4.99 each (Califia)
Jug of OJ $3.34
Half of a spaghetti squash $2.86
Bottle of ketchup $3.59
Pkg of pepperoni $6.17 (s…

Menu Planning

Hey hey, it's that time of week again! Meal Prep and Menu Planning time!


Yeah, I'm excited ... not!

Hubby heads out of town again on Tuesday morning, bright and early ... I'm trying to convince him to take Uber for a the $10 or so it will costs as opposed to ME getting in the car at 5am and driving him there ... ugh.

I'm also waiting to hear if Princess and her Hubby will be here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night as Matt might need to work on this side of the state for 3 days so that could be fun for me to see Princess again! She's starting to really get her baby bump going and I want to see her!

So with some of the uncertainties pending, my menu plan could change up a little bit but I'm trying to plan it where I can just fluctuate the amount of food cooked ;-)

I did hit up Publix on Saturday while Hubby ran to Target and spent way too much so I'm hoping to hold off on the grocery store til the end of the week!

Saturday - $5 Digiornos' pizza a…

Quick & Easy Creamy Salad Dressing

I love ranch dressing ... and I really love blue cheese dressing ... but alas, I'm trying to watch what I put in my body for health purposes ... so I've been avoiding those 2 dressings since the first of the year ... except those days when I get to go out to my favorite local bar/pub and get a bacon blue cheese burger ... then all bets are off.

But the other 99% of the time? No thank you.

And now, I'm getting a little tired of the great balsamic and olive oil blend that I make quickly every morning (1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/2 tsp dijon mustard, dash of salt and pepper and shake it up) ... so when I saw this recipe over at The Kitch I knew I had to give it a try for something different!!

Original recipe is found here ... and of course, when I made it, I made modifications ;-)

Here's how I did it!

2 tsp dijon mustard
3 tbs mayo (I am back to making it myself again, check it out)
dash of black pepper
dash of salt
dash of oregano
dash of garlic powder…

Mandarin Chicken Salad

I used to love to get the Mandarin Chicken Salad from Wendy's back in the day ... I thought I was being super healthy, you know?

Of course, that was before I learned about reading labels and such ... amazing how something so "healthy" could be so very bad for you.

So ... when I came across THIS salad at My Natural Family not too long ago, I knew I had to give it a try ... and, man, I'm so very glad I did! Talk about an awesome, flavorful salad ... and even better, when I opted to make it at the last minute, I had EVERYTHING on hand so it fit the bill!

*With summertime fast approaching which in my world means Bikini Time, even at the soon to be ripe ole age of 53, I am pulling out my favorite, healthy salad options!

Here's what you need:

2 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
head of lettuce (romaine) chopped in bite size pieces (I used one artesian baby romaine head)
1 red pepper, sliced and chopped in bite size pieces
1 large carrot, coarsely shredded
1/4 of a small red cab…

Ranch Style Steaks

Repost Alert ... I've got a few ribeyes in the freezer and hope to be making them come Friday ... been a long time since we've made these!
I still had those 3 NY Strip steaks I picked up at Walmart a few months ago in the freezer.

Not the BEST deal but better than the usual, full price
And well, because I was/am sort of on a Freezer/Pantry/No Spend Challenge this month, I figured now is the time to make them!

I had everything on hand, believe it or not! Here's how we did it!

1 onion, thinly sliced - I had half a red and half a sweet so I used those two!
1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced - I used a bag of mini peppers. The whole bag
1 clove of garlic, chopped fine
1 oz pkg ranch dry dressing mix
generous shake of cayenne pepper (depending on taste, not TOO generous!)
1/3 cup oil (I opted to use Avocado oil cuz I have that on hand but original calls for canola oil!)
1/3 cup sun dry julienne cut sun dried tomatoes (pantry stock up from a great deal for $1 each per bag forever a…

Menu Planning

It's been a fairly quiet weekend as we were puppy sitting (12 week old French bull dog) and pressure washing the pavers ... eek! It's hotter than heck too AND we haven't received any rain ...

Puppy sitting was fun, but yes, a lot of hands on care. He's so cute but regardless, it's 5pm and I'm waiting for his master to call and retrieve him so I can clean ;-)

I've not been to the store myself since last week ... almost 10 days now! Sweet! Hubby did stop on Friday and spent under $50 so that was pretty cool ... and it included a jar of ghee and a 12 pk of Coronas....

Here's what we planned:

Saturday - Aussie chicken because I had everything on hand (chicken, bacon in freezer, made the honey mustard dressing, cheese from Costco several weeks ago and shrooms are what Hubby picked up). I also made a bag of frozen chopped spinach for hubby as I know he'd want more than just the chicken

Sunday - leftovers ... a few slices of pizza (frozen) from Friday, ham…

Italian Beef - Crockpot Style!

It's crazy hot here in South Florida and summertime is in full swing for most of you ... time to start taking the cooler way out for dinner! Using a slow cooker frees up your time, keeps your kitchen cool and generally produces some pretty yummy meals! 

Being a single income household still is starting to put a little cramp on our style ... It's been two years AND we've had the house on the market for over a year ... paying all the household bills as they stood when we were a dual income family (with more than twice the amount of money coming in) has started to take it's toll a little bit ... we honestly thought the house would be sold by NOW! 

So, I go through periods of Pantry/Freezer Challenges and just recently started implementing NO SPEND weeks ... they work a lot better for me than the Pantry/Freezer Challenges of years past ... no where near as daunting but I think almost as effective.  

Hence, the Italian Beef recipe is making an appearance again as we are on a N…

Menu Plan

Hey hey ... it's JULY!!! Can you believe it's the 7th month of the year already? Eek!

Being a single income household has started to sink it and the reality of the bills still being the same has really started to sink in the past few weeks. I think it happened while Hubby was away for 2 1/2 weeks and I was in control of all things related to the household. I did good shopping wise, and only ate out with the boy a few times, all those times were basically frugal, oh, except that La Bamba night (damn margaritas!) ... BUT Hubby and I certainly need to sit down soon and discuss finances.

We were NOT overly worried about reducing our income. We WERE over confident that the house would sell quick ... it hasn't. Let's face it $1,000,000+ houses don't sell over night, no matter how great they are ... sadly. We had hoped that the house would sell quickly, we'd bank half the proceeds of the sale and buy something half the size of what we currently have and not have a mor…

Frugal Smelly Shoe Fix!

*It's summertime and well, shoes are starting to smell a tad funky so it's time to repost this and redo ... it really does work!

Honestly, we have real good hygiene habits in my house, I can assure you of that!

But, lets face it, living in paradise with 125% humidity can be a little trying sometimes ... my running shoes (which have NOT seen much running action for quite a while) get a little ripe smelling ... and oh man, you should smell the shoes that Hubby wears outside in the yard, patio, garage and boat that constantly get wet ... enough to suck the oxygen right out of your body ... whew!

Then you have the Boy ... who works out pretty darn hard and doesn't always wear socks ...

I mean, seriously, I've had to throw shoes away because you could smell them just sitting there. No one wants to be the person that people are wrinkling their nose at when they are walking by you!

So when I saw the featured post for the Smelly Shoe Solution (and dang, I'm still trying to…