Pressure Cooked Sausage & Peppers

Happy Valentine's Day! 
We probably won't be doing anything special today ... because a) I think every day should be Valentine's Day and b) we are dealing with a few things around the house ... Hubby is having some medical stuff going on (go check out The Mark and Jan Show and you'll see what I'm talking about) :-(

I had picked up some italian sausage from Costco on my last trip ... I finally used up the last of what I had in the freezer and well, not having any in the freezer was driving me crazy!  

I'm a fan of that little pizza bowl and there's a few other cool things to do with italian sausage, including Sausage and Peppers ... and even though I like to do it as a foil packet (reduced the flare ups and kept the cleaning to a minimum) I wanted something that wouldn't require a whole lot of hands on babysitting ... of course, when the Instant Pot enters the picture, everything changes!

I started this at 10:30 am because it was a little bit of meal prep fo…

French Onion Soup

Repost Alert ... it's cooler (by our standards), life is really busy right now and well, I think I need to make this soon!

Gosh ... I look at the bottom of the recipe printout and see that I've had this since late 1998 .... wow!

I've made this specific recipe a few times, but then I get distracted with a newer recipe and try that ... and ALWAYS have to listen to Hubby ask why I don't just stick with the first one I have... he's right.

So, Saturday, it was a nice, sunny, BEAUTIFUL day, high of around 86. But the nights are getting a little cooler, and this morning it was 72 when I went outside at 8am ... hence, it's FALL TIME in Paradise, time to make soups!

The sprinkler dudes were here making repairs, and since they were digging up in the back yard, I didn't really want to toss on the ole bikini and jump in the pool to float ... just not my idea of cheap thrills, you know? ;-)

So, again, I made soup.  AND I used what we had on hand ... it's a miracle, don&#…

Costco Time

Hubby flew out to Indiana Saturday morning.

At 6am.

Ahem. That's early. We woke up at 4:47 and seriously FLEW out the door. Thankfully it was raining hard so no Lance Armstrong Wannabe's or joggers on the road ... and we live somewhat close to the airport.


So what else is there to do when Hubby flies out? Hit up Costco, of course! Honestly, it  was NOT my idea, but the Boy ... and not to mention, his sister, her husband, and the BABY are here (aka my princess, her hubby and baby N!) so why not!

90 of these for $19.99
Question: Does Costco only carry Huggies diapers? No Pampers?? Hmmm ...

Anyway.  I had a list in my handy-dandy book of Wonderful Ideas ... but just for the record, a list does NO GOOD if you don't refer to it.

Caprese Salad coming soon!
Here's what we got:

bag of frozen organic blend berries $10.49
2 Dr. Praeger veggie burgers $10.99 less $3 each (boy)
2 boxes of those Caveman Bars $17.99 each
3 large containers of Greek Yogurt $5.79 each (boy)
bag o…

Slow Cooked Beef Barbacoa

Repost from SEVERAL years ago but I think I'm putting this on the menu real soon ... 

The Boy and his girlfriend love Chipotle ... to the point where they had to take a break as the employees knew exactly what they were going to order since they were going so often ;-)

Of course, I'm like, good grief kids, that gets expensive after a while and we can get a pretty close replica of that at home! Which reminds me, I need to be making Steak Bites again pretty soon ...

So when I came across this recipe, I knew I had to give it a try as it totally FITS the Pantry/Freezer Challenge ... I've got everything on hand, with the exception of the cilantro ... which in MY house, has to be added to each individual plate since me and the girlfriend are the only one's who like it ... I even had the beer, and no, it wasn't Dos Equis, it was Corona ... thankful that I discovered this recipe at this particular time, had a cooler full of beer from the 4th of July festivities and actuall…

Simple Corn Salad

You know that we watch FoodTV on Saturday and Sunday mornings, right? I mean, really, doesn't everyone have a tv in the bedroom AND kitchen??

Ok. Maybe not. But you should! This recipe was pulled from Trisha Yearwood's FoodTV episode ...

It's like a lot of other recipes I have, but once again, something triggered my attention enough to make me go online and look up the basic recipe ... and here is what we did!

1 can regular yellow corn, drained
1 can white corn, drained
1 small can diced green chilies, drained
1 small can sliced black olives, drained
2 tomatoes, rough chopped
2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and chopped
4 green onions, sliced thin
3 tbs vinegar
1/3 c olive oil
zest of half a lime (zest your lime before you squeeze!)
juice of half a lime
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbs chopped cilantro

Mix all except cilantro in medium size bowl and chill for a minimum of 1 hour.  Prior to serving stir well and add the cilantro.

Now, there are several things you can do with this little gem o…

Paleo Apple Crumble

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas this past year, I discovered my love for apple pie!

At 53, apple pie entered my life. I was the one saying "ooohhhhh, apple pie!"

A little embarrassing, I might add!

And not so great for the waistline!

So when I came across this recipe in Pretty Intense, I bookmarked it and said I'm going to make that one day in the near future. It happened much sooner than most of my bookmarked recipes!

It's an easy recipe and ended with great results. My pictures are horrible, only because I still have not gotten around to perfecting my picture taking skills, but I promise, it's on my list of things to do!

ahem, I didn't use the cinnamon STICKS

Oh ... do you know the differences between a Crumble and a Crisp? I would have called this a Crisp, but NOPE, it's a Crumble ... I much rather say crisp, but that would be incorrect! The Kitchn shares the differences in case you are wondering!

So ... a few notes:

  1.  I didn't peel my apples a…

Whole30/Paleo Unrolled Egg Roll Bowl

For years, and Ido mean YEARS, I would turn my nose up at egg rolls ... I mean, seriously, it was a fried, greasy 'thing' filled with icky cabbage, carrots and protein. Oh, wait, are there eggs in there? I honestly don't know because I can count on one hand the number of egg rolls I have consciously consumed in my lifetime.

Just NOT A FAN of them ... I supposed because I've always had an overly fried, borderline cold egg roll that I've just not been drawn to them. #WHOLE30

However, THIS recipe appeals to me in so many ways:
1. It's loaded with veggies which is always a good thing 2. It's grain and dairy free 3. It's a knock off, make it yourself Chinese food 4. It's frugal to make 5. It's damn tasty 6. It's fast and easy AND 7. It fits in with MY Whole30 plan (when I'm on!)
Yup. Scored on 7 of 7 points ... I'm in!

Here's what you need:
1 bag of tri-color coleslaw (cabbage, carrots and red cabbage) mix ... NOT the angel hair mix! 1/4 onion…